The Lost City of Atlantis

Can we find it? Are we headed for the same disaster?

The city was beautiful, inhabited by a seafaring civilization wit [...]

UFO Crash at Corona, New Mexico

Was there a cover-up?

On 8th July 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued the mo [...]

Weeping statues

In May 2018, a Church statue began to weep.

On the edge of the vast Chihuahuan Desert lies the small town Hob [...]


Top-Secret government group deal with flying saucers

For the first time since 1966, US House Intelligence subcommittee [...]

Area 51

Is the US government hiding Alien technology?

If the US government is not hiding in the Nevada Desert, why coul [...]

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Can a body burn to ash in minutes?

Can a body burst into flames and burn to ash in minutes? Spontane [...]

Mystery of the camel carvings

Who made the camel carvings in Saudi Arabia?

It was thought that huge carvings of camels remained undiscovered [...]

Mystery of the elongated skulls

DNA analysis provides an insight

Elongated skulls, found in Bavaria, near six [...]

Ebola crisis

History repeating itself

When Ebola broke out of Africa and landed in the US, it proved th [...]

Hunting for the lost Ark

Searching for the Ark of the covenant

Scientists, researchers and explorers have dedicated years of the [...]

Fighting malaria with GM mosquitos

Mutant mosquitos fight malaria

For almost 20 years, scientists have been working on 'gene drive' [...]

Glimpsing the afterlife

Near death experiences change people

In 1976, a Georgian dissident, Grigorievich Rodonaia, was assassi [...]